Caron Lindsay

Scotland needs the creative, forward thinking, liberal approach that Liberal Democrats bring at this challenging and difficult time. The economic and social consequences of the pandemic will cast a long shadow and we need to have ideas for recovery which focus on saving the planet, protecting the hardest hit and improving wellbeing.

I am delighted to be your candidate for Almond Valley to be part of that progress and to do my bit to help people.

I joined the party in 1983 and since then, I’ve campaigned in multiple elections and been Treasurer of the Scottish Party for 6 years with 2 Council elections, 2 Westminster elections, a Holyrood election and 2 referenda. From helping wrest control of Chesterfield Borough Council from an out of touch Labour Party in the 90s to being part of the team that won back Edinburgh Western in 2016, I have learned how to win.

These are the most difficult times most of us will ever have faced. As a parliamentary caseworker, I see how people are struggling with the many types of hardship this pandemic has brought with it. And we are only at the start. The full economic consequences have not yet been felt. It’s so important that we are there to support people and come up with the ideas to make their lives better. We need to campaign with compassion, clarity and sensitivity.

If you have any questions, please get in touch on [email protected], or follow me on Facebook ( or Twitter (@caronmlindsay).