The Scottish Liberal Democrats are fighting for the UK’s post-Covid recovery

The Scottish Liberal Democrats are fighting for the UK’s post-Covid recovery. We stand for:

  • A country where wellbeing is underpinned by a vibrant economy, based on enterprise and fair employment practices.
  • A society where security and respect is afforded to all residents regardless of background, supported by a fair and clear way of paying for investment that includes taxing wealth and property.
  • A country founded on environmental sustainability, where the journey to zero carbon is characterised by a just transition.
  • Self-government for Scotland within a Federal UK, within the EU, and within the wider international community.

We want to boost healthcare services, support carers and create green jobs. People are hurting, they’ve lost loved ones, been made redundant and have struggled during lockdown. Join us and help us create a better future for the UK.

The Liberal Democrats want to create a fairer, greener, more caring society where anyone can succeed no matter where they come from and who they are.

If these are values you support, and you’d like to find out more about what we’re doing right here in Linlithgow, please Join us. 

Will you join us and add your voice to the thousands of Liberal Democrats fighting for a fairer, more equal society?

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