West Lothian Students start petition to save degree

5 Dec 2020

Students from West Lothian College have started a petition to save the only honours degree in the area.

The degree has had its funding withdrawn by Edinburgh Napier University which ends a decade long partnership of running the course alongside the college.

Student, Aimee Harrington said: “We – the students – want to appeal directly to Richard Lochhead, Further and Higher Education Minister, and to Edinburgh Napier University to find a resolution to this issue that does not see us suffer as a result of these cuts.

“We have worked extremely hard - as I’m sure many keen business students will in the future - to ensure we have the best chance of reaching our full potential and this degree being delivered at West Lothian College provides a huge incentive to the local community.

“Many who may have limited access to equal opportunities and to remove this hosting would see West Lothian and surrounding areas at an unfair disadvantage and stifles the local communities’ ability to build better from within.”

Unfortunately, this withdrawal of funds will mean that students who are, for many reasons, unable to travel to Napier cannot pursue the degree they have been working towards.

The West Lothian Liberal Democrats are doing all they can to support this campaign and you can too. Please sign the petition below and “Save our Degree @ WLC”.