MPs under fire for failing to back pet theft law

Conservative MPs are under fire for voting against a new law to tackle pet theft.

In a vote on Monday 5th July, 354 Conservatives blocked efforts to make pet theft a crime in its own right, with stiffer penalties for offenders. The SNP MPs abstained.

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The Scottish Liberal Democrats are fighting for the UK’s post-Covid recovery

The Scottish Liberal Democrats are fighting for the UK’s post-Covid recovery. We stand for:

  • A country where wellbeing is underpinned by a vibrant economy, based on enterprise and fair employment practices.
  • A society where security and respect is afforded to all residents regardless of background, supported by a fair and clear way of paying for investment that includes taxing wealth and property.
  • A country founded on environmental sustainability, where the journey to zero carbon is characterised by a just transition.
  • Self-government for Scotland within a Federal UK, within the EU, and within the wider international community.
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Caron Lindsay - the planet can't wait!

Think how quickly the past decade has flown by. We’ve wasted it on damaging constitutional arguments. The planet can’t wait while we rehash them.

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Sally Pattle calls on West Lothian Council to think again about Lowport

Sally Pattle, Liberal Democrat candidate for the Scottish Parliament constituency of Linlithgow, has called upon the West Lothian Council not to market the Low Port Centre for sale without giving sufficient time for a proposal for a community asset transfer of the centre to a community organisation. 

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Caron Lindsay - education is a vital element in recovery

Investing in education is one of the most vital elements of the Liberal Democrat plan to put recovery first. 


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