Sally Pattle calls for action on train timetable change

The news that Scotrail is axing one third of its services, at a time when fares have soared, is not surprising. The issues Scotrail staff have been facing for years have not gone away and there seems to have been an almost complete breakdown in communication between management and unions.

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Sally's latest leaflet

Have you seen Sally's latest leaflet, which is being delivered all around Linlithgow? 

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West Lothian Liberal Democrats call on local Tories to Sack Prime Minister

The West Lothian Liberal Democrats have called on Councillor Chris Horne and his fellow Conservative council candidates to sack Boris Johnson following his fixed penalty fine for Covid-19 lockdown breaches.

The Prime Minister and Chancellor have both been fined for breaking Covid-19 rules on social gatherings. Boris Johnson has repeatedly lied to parliament and the public about this matter.

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A place of safety here in Linlithgow

Watching the war unfold in Ukraine has been horrifying for all of us, but it is a living nightmare for one local Linlithgow family I’ve spoken to this week who still have relatives trapped there. While the ongoing fundraising for the Disaster Emergency Committee is wonderful, Anastasia Martin’s family are desperate to help house Ukrainian refugees here in Linlithgow as soon as possible.

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International Women’s Day for everyone

This International Women’s Day, like every year, we are celebrating incredible women all over the planet. 

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