Community Recycling Centre regime questioned

1 Feb 2024
Sally and others at Biffa recycling plant

In the wake of complaints about the new recycling centre booking scheme, local Lib Deb councillor Sally Pattle raised a number of questions at the Full West Lothian Council Meeting on 23rd January.  

She asked for data regarding all aspects of the new Community Recycling Centre (CRC) opening hours, plus information on the pilot bin inspection schemes that started in Armadale and Linlithgow in October 2023. You can find all of the questions that Sally asked here.

Unfortunately, only one answer was provided during the meeting and it was revealed that it would cost an extra £12,076 per year to keep the Linlithgow CRC open all day on a Saturday.

Suffice it to say, Sally will continue to campaign for better access to the community recycling centres across West Lothian, and she will continue to ask questions until she gets answers and can publicly share the data.

Recycling plant visit

Separately, Sally visited the Biffa recycling plant in Broxburn in January to see where our blue and green bin waste is separated.

Sally said of her visit, “It was amazing to see what happens to our recyclable waste – I was astonished at the sheer volume the plant handles on a weekly basis, and it was fascinating to hear about what the material is being used for all around the world. It also made me determined to be less wasteful, but where that is unavoidable, the message is loud and clear: keep recycling kids, it really does make a difference!”