Congratulations to Linlithgow Academy

29 Jan 2024
Pupils in a classroom

Late last year Linlithgow Academy undertook a Validated Self Evaluation and, as the Falkirk Herald reports, the results were good across the board!

Local Lib Dem councillor Sally Pattle said:

"I was so pleased to hear about the results of the recent Validated Self Evaluation at Linlithgow Academy, it shows a continuous improvement for the school, which is hugely encouraging. As an ex pupil of the Academy I was especially pleased to see that there a whole school ethos is apparent, Together We Thrive, that is inclusive and ambitious for everyone who attends.

“It is clear that the teaching body is working together both within the school and with partners, to provide the best possible education for our young people, and this set of results means that things are getting better all the time.

“I was particularly impressed to hear about the new qualifications in subjects such as tourism and lab skills, which show the faculty have a keen eye on growth areas of employment. I also love the innovative use of write on desks and walls in subjects such as maths which have vastly improved pupil engagement."