RAAC in ex-council houses

19 Mar 2024
City roofs

Following reports that reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) has been found in a few council houses in West Lothian, Lib Dem Councillor Sally Pattle commented:

“West Lothian Council is to be commended for the exploratory work they have carried out examining their property estate and identifying those assets which contain RAAC. They are well ahead of other local authorities in Scotland in rectifying the situation, and all the property that contains the dangerous substance has been made safe while building works are underway.

“However, a new potential threat has been identified in this crisis: those who bought ex-council houses may now be at risk as well. West Lothian Council has notified those homeowners whose properties may potentially contain RAAC, but the council does not employ the specialist building inspectors needed to carry out the work in identifying RAAC, and are under no obligation to carry out any inspection.

“This latest chapter in this national scandal shows why the Scottish Government must step up and take the lead in dealing with this horrendous situation. They are the only body with enough power and resources to help local authorities, health boards and now private citizens to make buildings safe.

“So far there has been no action taken at all by the SNP/Green administration to help in the process of identifying the presence of RAAC, or in providing resources to rectify the problem, something which is in my view unforgiveable.”