Redevelopment of The Vennel

18 Mar 2024
Building site

In the wake of news that the potential redevelopment of The Vennel in Linlithgow has hit a setback (see the Council's announcement and this report in the Linlithgow Gazette), Lib Dem Councillor Sally Pattle said:

“Nothing has been communicated to the Vennel management group since March 2022, nearly two years ago, and because of that lack of communication, lack of direction, lack of leadership, nobody really understands what’s going on.

"This is why we now find ourselves where you have community stakeholders going by what was in a report in 2021, believing that they are at heart of this redevelopment and then discovering that no, they’re not.

“I’m really pleased that there has been a commitment to re-engage with community stakeholders. I’m really glad to hear that this will also involve the three ward councillors because I think they want to be involved. We have to keep community stakeholders at the heart of this development process”