Sally Pattle calls for action on Winchburgh Train Station

23 Jan 2024

While I welcome the fact that yet another stakeholder meeting has been announced, my initial reaction is one of dismay.

Rather than more meetings, the residents of Winchburgh need a timetable of action. They were promised a new train station as part of the huge levels of development that were agreed to years ago. Depictions of a shiny new train station were even on brochures given out to prospective house buyers.

The only thing that has happened since is new road infrastructure - the biggest example being the new Winchburgh junction on the M9 that opened last year. For several months in 2023 it wasn't even possible to get a bus from Winchburgh to Livingston where many people work or spend leisure time.

The influx of new residents in Winchburgh has put huge pressure on existing public transport infrastructure across West Lothian which means that at a time when we're supposed to be transitioning to net zero - and when the Scottish Government has made a commitment to reduce car kilometres by 25% - people in Winchburgh are forced to rely on private vehicles. Instead of kicking the can further down the road, the Scottish Government must take control of this situation and lay out when the new station will arrive.

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