RMT vs the World

With COP26 looming and the prospect of delegates from around the world attempting to get to Glasgow, it is probably not a good time for the RMT to expand their months-long strike action to cover the entire Scotrail network.

This is what they’re planning however, so I’m wondering if the Scottish Government will at last take an interest in a strike that has had a huge negative impact on thousands of workers over the past seven months.

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The Cruellest Cut

As of today, almost 16000 families in West Lothian are at greater risk of plunging into extreme poverty following the government’s decision to withdraw the Universal Credit uplift.
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Clarity required on the closure of St Michael's Hospital

The West Lothian Liberal Democrats are looking for reassurance that the closure of St Michael’s Hospital in Linlithgow is only temporary. We are extremely concerned that elderly and vulnerable patients have been moved to a different location and would like to know what provision has been made for friends and family who will now need transport to visit them in Armadale.

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Protecting community property

Is there any common good property in your local area?

Let’s get it on the Register of Common Good and give it a little extra protection.

West Lothian Council has a Register of Common Good – a list of property owned by the local authority that was passed to it, through local government reorganisation, from former burghs. It’s required to have this register thanks to laws passed in 2015, which increase community involvement in decisions taken about the use and disposal of property that is listed on it.

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MPs under fire for failing to back pet theft law

Conservative MPs are under fire for voting against a new law to tackle pet theft.

In a vote on Monday 5th July, 354 Conservatives blocked efforts to make pet theft a crime in its own right, with stiffer penalties for offenders. The SNP MPs abstained.

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