A dark day for Europe, a different future for us all

It has been a truly terrible and incredible week. War has returned to Europe following the completely unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. Most major cities are now surrounded and there are reports of mass casualties amongst soldiers and civilians, evidence of crimes against humanity on a national scale, and no-one has any idea how far Putin is willing to go in his objective of ‘regime change’ in the region.

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West Lothian funding cut again

This week the West Lothian Council budget for 2022/23 was finally agreed. The final document has revealed that yet again, the SNP administration at Holyrood have cut essential grant funding leaving West Lothian Council with an £11.7 million hole to fill in order to deliver core services.

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Understanding Brexit opportunities

Jacob Rees-Mogg has just been appointed “Brexit opportunities Minister”. To understand what the benefits and opportunities of Brexit, we need to understand where we are now.

The famous blue passports (produced in France) are now with us, and the crown on pints might be on the way (although we could have had them before).

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Council cuts will continue to hurt all of us

The Scottish Government’s draft budget shows that there will be further deep cuts to the core revenue funding of all local authorities in Scotland. If approved, this will amount to a cut of £12.5 million in West Lothian,  severely hampering the Council’s abilitiy to deliver on key and protected services. 

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RMT vs the World

With COP26 looming and the prospect of delegates from around the world attempting to get to Glasgow, it is probably not a good time for the RMT to expand their months-long strike action to cover the entire Scotrail network.

This is what they’re planning however, so I’m wondering if the Scottish Government will at last take an interest in a strike that has had a huge negative impact on thousands of workers over the past seven months.

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