Commission to look into violence against women and girls

Scottish Liberal Democrats this week called for a commission to look into violence against women and girls and consider ways to make society more hospitable to them.

Party leader Willie Rennie and equalities spokesperson Caron Lindsay (who is also the party's candidate for Almond Valley) are asking all five major parties to commit to a commission to look into these issues and report back with recommendations within the first year of the new Parliament.

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West Lothian Council budget cuts to hit tenants

If you live in a Council house in West Lothian, your rent will be going up by 3% next year. 

The Council's decision will hit people who are struggling with rising fuel costs and reduced income. It's the wrong thing to do in the middle of a pandemic when so many are furloughed or have lost their jobs. In Edinburgh, Liberal Democrat Councillors worked with other parties to vote down similar plans. If I had been a Councillor, I would have opposed the rise. It's the wrong thing to do. 

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Lib Dems win hundreds of millions of extra funding for schools, mental health, business support and councils

At this time of crisis for our country, the very least that the public can expect is that political parties work together to put the recovery from the pandemic first. 
Liberal Democrats have been calling for more funding for mental health, for schools,  to support struggling businesses and for local councils.
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Scottish Women’s Convention marks International Women’s Day

Last night I attended an incredibly moving and humbling event at the Scottish Parliament run by the Scottish Women’s Convention to mark International Women’s Day

We all know how amazing and resilient our health and care workers have been, nursing and comforting their patients, but hearing them talk about their experiences really brought home the extent of the personal sacrifices they have made and the impact on them.

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Shocking rise in domestic abuse

It has been shocking to learn this week that West Lothian has reported the greatest increase in domestic violence incidents in Scotland in the past year, up by a staggering 18%. It is true to say that West Lothian is one of the few councils in Scotland that core fund a Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Team and that the work of this team may have resulted in greater numbers of cases being reported, but their undoubtedly important work cannot account for such a huge rise, and there can be no question that that this not a league table that West Lothian wants to be at the head of.

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