Litter, litter, everywhere...

Virtually everybody I have spoken to in Livingston South during these past few months has told me how absolutely fed up they are with the amount of litter in our green spaces. 

We have some gorgeous spots in the ward. Howden Park, with its views, is one of the loveliest places in Livingston, yet it is often strewn with bottles, cans, sweet wrappers, pizza boxes and all sorts of unsavoury things. 
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Youth unemployment in West Lothian has doubled

A report in the Linlithgow Gazette shows that the number of young people enduring unemployment in West Lothian has doubled during the pandemic. 

The number of young people claiming unemployment benefits went up from 650 to 1265 between January and December 2020. That's higher than the national average. 

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The need for local input in healthcare decision-making

The SNP have been centralising NHS services under the radar for years and sadly this pandemic has exposed the fault-lines in their mis-managed policy. The Scottish Liberal Democrats have long campaigned for decentralised health services. We believe that decision-making power should lie with health professionals at a local level. After all, GPs and pharmacists know their own area far better than someone working in a central government office.

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The mask is slipping in the SNP

The vaccine roll-out appears to be little more than a trickle in West Lothian. Despite weeks of empty rhetoric and talk of targets being met, we are hearing daily of vulnerable people who have yet to be contacted about their first vaccination, let alone their second.

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Catch up with Caron

I'm sitting watching the First Minister announce, for what are sensible and scientifically justifiable reasons, that we will still be in lockdown until the end of February. 

That means that campaigning in the Livingston South by-election is going to have to be a bit different. 
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