Protecting community property

Is there any common good property in your local area?

Let’s get it on the Register of Common Good and give it a little extra protection.

West Lothian Council has a Register of Common Good – a list of property owned by the local authority that was passed to it, through local government reorganisation, from former burghs. It’s required to have this register thanks to laws passed in 2015, which increase community involvement in decisions taken about the use and disposal of property that is listed on it.

The Council is reviewing what should be on the Register and you can see what it proposes here. It doesn’t look like a lot to us, particularly in the old burghs of Armadale, Linlithgow and Whitburn. There seem to be quite a few suggestions for Bathgate, however.

So, can you think of anything else that should be on the list?

Send us your ideas - fill out this form

It should be property that one of the four burghs received as a gift or purchased before reorganisation in May 1975. It includes land and buildings, and moveable items such as furniture and art. It may also include cash where property has been sold and income received.

Let the Council know or give us your ideas by filling in our survey form and we’ll forward them on.

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