Sally Pattle - Build a Fairer Economy

By Sally Pattle, Dec 03, 2019 7:12

Two apprentices looking at a machine, at which their instructor is pointing.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party in this election who have a clear and credible plan to create a brighter future for the UK. We are the only party in Scotland fighting to stop Brexit and the chaos of a further independence referendum.

We want to create a fairer economy for everyone, which is why we are pledging to provide free childcare from the age of nine months for children with parents in work and for all children from the age of two until they start school. This will end the gap in provision and give parents the ability to choose when they return to work.

We understand that only by reinventing the relationship between business and the communities they serve can we create a fairer economy – they must be a part of the solution, not the problem.

As someone who runs a family business, I am proud to stand for a party committed to reforming the tax system to ensure large and small businesses all pay their fair share. I have long campaigned to reform business rates, so onerous to small and medium enterprises. I believe our high streets are the beating hearts of our towns and I want to keep them that way.

We’ve all seen the damage that three years of Brexit chaos has brought to our economy, I would hate to see further anxiety and division if there were a second independence referendum. The Liberal Democrats plan to reinvest the £50bn remain bonus in much needed infrastructure projects. We will upgrade our transport and energy systems; build much-needed schools, hospitals and homes; develop the climate friendly industries of the future and above all, empower Scotland and the other nations and regions of the UK to create a fairer and sustainable economy for all.


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