Sally Pattle - Stop Brexit

By Sally Pattle, Nov 24, 2019 8:11

Jo Swinson and Ed Davey at march against Brexit

In 2019, seventy-five years after D-Day and thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I believe we should be coming together to celebrate everything the European Union has brought and will continue to bring us in the future.

I value the peace and prosperity being at the heart of the European Union provides us. The freedom to live, work and travel within European borders. The ability to compete in the largest and most open trading social market economy in the world, one which fosters growth and tackles large corporations to create a level playing field for all businesses. The commitment to supporting farming and fishing industries and working together to ensure healthy food and a cleaner environment. I love the fact that within the European Union there is a real drive to promote research, education and culture. I feel safer knowing that there is cross border working and information sharing to keep us secure, combat terrorism and tackle the refugee crisis.

I am proud to say that I am a European and that’s why I’m standing for the Liberal Democrats, the only party fighting to stop Brexit and another unwanted independence referendum.

Once Article 50 has been revoked, we can focus on moving forward towards a brighter future together. We can deal with the climate emergency, invest in crucial early childcare, protect the NHS and transform our mental health services. These are the building blocks from which we can forge a better society for everyone, inclusive and open with fewer borders and less chaos: togetherness, not division.

That’s the kind of Britain I want to live in and being a part of the European Union is at the heart of that vision.

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