Tackle the Climate Emergency

By Sally Pattle, Nov 25, 2019 9:11

Polar bear.

This election may have been called because of the long-running problems of Brexit, but it’s also about how we deal with the Climate Crisis which threatens the very existence of life on Earth. The UK should be leading the world in tackling the climate emergency. We are the first generation to know we are destroying the environment, and the last with a chance to do something about it before it’s too late

There is no Planet B and if we fail to act, millions of people – at home and abroad – will suffer, but to tackle this climate emergency we need to work together: be more inclusive – not create more borders. We need to be at the heart of Europe as a family of nations and the LibDems are the only party fighting for that. We are also the only party who have set out comprehensive and achievable goals to do it.

We have pledged to implement an emergency ten-year programme of action to reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions by more than half by 2030; to eliminate non-recyclable single use plastic within three years; generate 80% of the UK’s electricity from renewables by 2030; establish a UK-wide climate citizens assembly; ensure all new cars are electric within a decade and ban fracking. Unlike the other parties, we have developed a comprehensive plan to decarbonise every sector of the economy and get to net zero by 2045.

By creating an entirely independent Office of Environmental Protection to implement a new regulation framework and a new Green Investment Bank to support renewable industry and new technologies, we will turn the birthplace of the industrial revolution into the home of the New Green Revolution with Scottish renewable industries at the heart of it.

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