West Lothian Liberal Democrats call on local Tories to Sack Prime Minister

The West Lothian Liberal Democrats have called on Councillor Chris Horne and his fellow Conservative council candidates to sack Boris Johnson following his fixed penalty fine for Covid-19 lockdown breaches.

The Prime Minister and Chancellor have both been fined for breaking Covid-19 rules on social gatherings. Boris Johnson has repeatedly lied to parliament and the public about this matter.

A statement issued on behalf of Liberal Democrat candidate Sally Pattle, Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate in Linlithgow reads:

"People in West Lothian made massive sacrifices during the Covid-19 lockdowns. They cancelled weddings, missed family funerals and were banned from visiting elderly relatives in care homes - all to stop the spread of this deadly virus.

"However, Boris Johnson and his Tory friends ignored the Covid rules they enforced on the others and then repeatedly lied to the public and parliament about it. This is not a trivial offence - Boris Johnson made the law and told the public to obey the law. He imposed the harshest lockdown the country has seen in the name of protecting the public.

"Political parties select leaders and can sack leaders. Ahead of the local elections, Councillor Chris Horne and his fellow Tory candidates should clearly come out and demand the Prime Minister's resignation. The country needs a leader who can at least tell the truth. Local voters deserve to know where local Tories stand ahead of polling day."

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